What do a well-fed goat, a single wooden chair, and a pair of missing trousers have in common? We don’t know. We actually don’t know. Do you know?
You should probably get a ticket though. It’s definitely worth getting a ticket. Please get a ticket? But we’ll see you there, yeah?

TYP's 2019 show was built to make you laugh. After 3 months of fun, games and play in the rehearsal room where each cast member created their own characters and storylines, the TYP team disappeared to a Cornish cabin for a weekend in December 2018 to sculpt the cast's ideas into - let's be honest - a pretty wacky 1.5 hours! Spring 2019 brought rehearsals with the new script, and in May we exploded onto the Exeter Phoenix main stage with our very first 5 star show!


 Written by  Lucy Hirst & Katherine Stevens

Directed by Lucy Hirst 

Produced by Katherine Stevens

Assistant Producer Luke Mosley

Stage Manager Alice Brown-Tunnell

Production Assistant Angie Owiti

Costume Design Nicola Cox

19TH & 20TH MAY 2019



Untitled Poster Online.jpg

"The comedic timing was uncannily adult... an impressive cast of promising young actors who are guaranteed to keep you guessing with what stunts they will pull next."


"one heck of a ride with intentional turbulence"​ "relentless, heart-thumping energy"​
"an immensely bad play trying to break out of a very good one"​
"essential viewing for anyone who has ever seen a play before, and an explosive introduction to the world of theatre for everyone else."

PRSD | ★★★★

Poster design by Thomas Hanks 2019.