TYPe It Up


Recognising a real wealth of talented young writers in the city with no artist development schemes to support their ideas, in 2017 TYP launched an exciting new programme designed to offer mentorship, creative space, and a public platform for budding young playwrights in Devon.

Over a series of months, the two writers receive regular mentorship at creative hub Kaleider, from TYP's Executive Director and Associate Playwright, Katherine Stevens and Artistic Director, Lucy Hirst. Following a series of drafts and feedback sessions, the scripts are handed over to Lucy Hirst and a team of TYP company members that set to work on bringing the two scripts to life. 


Our first two rounds in 2017 were in partnership with Boston Tea Party in Exeter, where we cleared out the tables and packed out the top floor with people. In 2018, for rounds 3 & 4, we were incredibly fortunate to find a new partnership with the Devon & Exeter Institution. The DEI greatly enriched the programme by offering not only their beautiful space for script sessions and the show, but also year-long writers residencies for TYP's young writers, giving them a creative space to work from in the heart of their city. In 2019, we partnered with the Exeter Fringe Festival, selling out at the Exeter Phoenix and presenting the work of four talented young writers.

In the summers of 2017 & 2018, TYPe It Up playwrights and shortlisted writers were invited by Academy Award nominee and British screenwriter Matt Charman to attend an intimate playwriting workshop at his office in London. They learnt all his top tips & tricks for allowing yourself time to write, and even got a sneak peek into what pitching to a film studio is like!

"Here goes..."

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September 2018 Learning from the best with Matt Charman!


"It meant a lot that Matt seemed to value our voices as much as he did - it felt like he’d been looking forward to meeting us, just as much as we’d been looking

forward to meeting him.” - Daniel, 18.

“I really appreciated Matt’s time and words today. It filled me with excitement and motivation and although I have an idea that’s not yet developed, I’m going to sit down at a café today and get writing!” - Maya, 16.


 CONNOR ALLAIN  'An Evening With...'


 KIKI SHAW  'Bird's Mirror'

 MAYA WEBBER  'Midnight Waltz'

 CAMILA SCHWARTZ-CRUZ  'The Sisterhood of Monte Alban'

 GRACE STEPHENS  'Made To Be Broken'

 JONNY HIBBS  'Fallen, In Love'

 KIRI LEY  'Please Turn Over'

 DANIEL SVED  'Tick Tock'

 MIA FULFORD  'Blue Monday'






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