While we're all stuck indoors...
April 2020

Here at TYP we wanted to try to help keep our community working together at this weird old time during the COVID-19 lockdown. So we ran The Indoor Monologues - 2 callouts for both young actors & writers!

Young actors applied with a video of a famous monologue they had always wanted to have a crack at, and got feedback from our AD Lucy, before re-recording their work. Young writers were asked to write 1 A4 page of a monologue - they could write with any voice, from any character's point of view, and about any topic - on which they would then receive feedback from our Exec Katherine.

Watch the monologues as they come out here!

photo by Angie Owiti
TYP: Taking A Breather
Sep 2019

Following a ★★★★★ sell out performance of [Untitled] at the Exeter Phoenix in May, we've made the challenging decision to take a breather from our regular programme of work with our young company members. 

Whilst we were excelling in our engagement and our productions were consistently of an excellent standard, the creative team decided they wanted to take some time to reassess what direction the company should be heading in, how we can become more sustainable, and how we can continue to push our practice to remain innovative leaders in creating original work with young people. 

We're missing our young company desperately but standby the decision to put them and our practice first. For now, that's all the information we have for you but if you'd like to keep up to date with other local opportunities that crop up for young artists, you can subscribe to GENERATION, a brand new newsletter tailor made for Exeter's young people by our brilliant Executive Producer, Katherine. 

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Speak soon, 

Lucy & Katherine