7TH JUNE 2015

Directed by Lucy Hirst, assisted by Harry Kingscott 

Performed in the branches of an old oak tree adorned with character trinkets and possessions, TYP's adaptation of Kelly's DNA saw 12 young actors captivate a crowd of 140 audience members over two performances amidst a busy arts festival. 

Despite being the youngest participants in the festival by some years, the company handled the play's dark content with maturity and professionalism, delivering a four-star performance to it's diverse audience. The young company had spent the previous eight weeks rehearsing their adaptation. For many, it was their first site-specific performance. 

The nature of TYP's adaptation allowed the young actors to personalise their character's development according to their own discoveries and judgements throughout the rehearsal period. The result was a highly focused and energetic production performed with maturity and conviction. 

"Each actor delivered intensely believable and nuanced performances. With riotous applause at the end of both of their performances at the festival, it is clear that this young company are already a bestseller"  ★★★★ - The Peg Review, 2015

" Lucy instills such a healthy mutual trust into the group that the children never feel afraid or overwhelmed. During ‘DNA’ the focus and concentration of every single member of the group was a wonder to behold - and would have been credit to any theatre group regardless of age or ability" - TYP parent, 2015

TYP 2015 DNA Company

contact: e: katherine@theyoungpretenders.co.uk

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