Associate Artists' Board 

TYPify Festival 2018

In order to continue to make sure that we are creating work by, with and for young people, in 2018 we launched our first Associate Artists' Board to aid us in the management and delivery of TYPify 18. 

Comprised of four exciting young artists from the Exeter area, our board met regularly to support our core TYP team in securing the festival line up, creating the festival's brand imagery, designing the festival's activities and visual make up, as well as working on their own artistic contributions that were exhibited over the full weekend.  

Details of our brilliant board can be found below. Whilst we won't be having an Associate Artists' Board in 2018/19, we're always looking for new ways to work with young people. If you've got any bright ideas or are itching to get involved, drop us a line – that kind of initiative makes us very happy indeed!


Hi I’m Finn Weaver.

I’m an illustrator and graphic artist. I’m 18 and have just finished my Foundation Diploma at Exeter School of Art. My work plays around with texture and strong colours and I use a lot of juxtaposition and contrast. Commercially I do a lot of editorial and branding design but personally, I am exploring more analogue approaches to design and mixing these with my digital process. Last year TYPify gave me the opportunity to experiment with a new style and branch out so I’m hoping to do that again this year.


Hi, I'm Liberty and I'm a young cinematographer based in Teignmouth. Using film, photography, poetry and songwriting I express important themes such as gender equality, slut shaming and animal abuse. I am also fluent in German. I’m increasingly fascinated by language, the way we spread ideas, engage in foreign politics and resolve worldwide issues depends entirely on our ability to communicate efficiently yet empathetically, this is why I love filmmaking. If I can use creativity to change even a single person’s perspective, to make them really think, it’s worth it for me. In September I will be attending film school Screenology in Bristol.


Just to say hi, I’m Silas. 

I’ve spent most of the past 4 years in and around Exeter doing numerous silly things. Until July last year I was studying A levels at Exeter College, getting involved in their SU equivalent, and doing lots of performances with local theatre groups before disappearing off round India and Nepal for 2 months. In my own time I am a hobbyist photographer and actor for theatre and film, while also doing up a property. Most recently I co-founded the online news and publishing organisation ‘Ideas On Info’; a website designed as a platform for young people to publish their creative work and political thoughts or analysis. 


Liv Drake has worked with The Young Pretenders Theatre Co. for over two years and is responsible for designing some of the company's most memorable publicity campaigns. Liv has just completed her Foundation Diploma at Exeter School of Art alongside Finn and was one of TYPify's key artists at last year's exhibition. 

She's also a very busy lady and is still working on her 'official' bio but we'll have this updated for you over the next couple of days! 

TYPify 18 Blog by Silas Welsh

Welcome to a creative artsy blog that will be filling up with more and more posts in the build up to the TYPify Youth Arts festival at Poltimore House this July.

Naturally I am doing all of this as part of the promotion for the festival. However, everything I am writing I honestly believe, and I think (or at least hope) it is relevant to all of us throughout our creative adventures. 


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